Consulting and engineering group "VERITEX" provides consulting, monitoring and surveyor services for products, projects and management systems, provides an independent assessment of the value of tangible and intangible assets, performs a wide range of services in the area of technical expertise, certification and supervision.

Group "VERITEX" was founded in 2000 by domestic and foreign experts, to put its main objective the dissemination of best domestic and best international experience in the field of management systems that meet the requirements of ISO, EN, DIN, ASME, API, OHSAS, GOST, DSTU, etc ., ecology, technical expertise, valuation, and in adjacent areas, improving on that basis, the business enterprise efficiency.

The main mission of the group is to assist organizations of all forms of ownership in achieving strong financial performance, improving efficiency, stability and sustainability of activities. Competence, professionalism and high reputation of professionals trained and international attestation group guarantee the highest quality of service.